Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas cheer

Not much of that as had trouble in the icy conditions leading to a contentious issue. Then decided not to travel up to my relatives in Stevenage also due to conditions:these were mild here in Bournemouth but treacherous everywhere else. Everyone told me not to travel as they would worry and I think they were wise. But I was jealous of all the things they were telling me about that they enjoyed all together!

I do have friends down here so on a non-family day I hooked up with them and played Scrabble etc also a game called Frustration which is aptly named. It is virtually the same as Ludo and just as cutthroat.

Will get round to planning January for Open Mics etc also getting some business cards ready. the printer said 'Do you want to use them like confetti?' and I replied ;'That's what I have been instructed to do'!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Welcome to All Poets

Welcome to my new blog.

Missed a few good open mic poetry sessions over the past week due to helping a friend out in his business. Either not feeling too good with this blessed bug or feeling too tired working in the biting cold. However looking forward to getting back into it in the New Year after a refreshing Xmas break.