Thursday, 11 March 2010


Been away from my personal record of events for some time now.I have not attended many Open Mics(just one)as at times I have been staying late in the printing shop to get my first booklet sorted out.

From the last post I was caught wondering about the discrepancy between the number of pages available with the relative lack of material prepared to fill them! I reduced the booklet back to 32 pages which included a fair amount of material superimposed on pictures and images. To do this the printer converted to white script or red with black edging and so forth. I am very pleased with the finished product and particularly with the cover which portrays exactly the apocalyptic scenario I sought.

I have also been up to my parents(5 days)as one or two things now need to be sorted out within the family so I have used holiday saved and needing to be taken before the end of this month. To this purpose I have a further 5 days starting from this Saturday. I do have a laptop but as it is at the mercy of the same signal as mobile phones are unluckily it cannot be used at my parents home!It is ok round where I live. I have to go out in the car to park to find a signal up there.

All very limiting from the point of view of this blog but I can tell this blog that I have another booklet taking shape in my mind as well as an idea for a display. this would incorporate images some of which appear in the booklet, blown up to fill, with others, a standalone poster. This will I hope create interest amongst the booksellers in respect of book signings. Whilst up in Hertfordshire I visited bookstores in Stevenage and Hitchin with no result or interest. The main outlets appear to be at the mercy of head office or have had others try and fail and the smaller ones have little space and deal mostly with local history-at any rate not with new books. Interesting problem and experience gained in an area of the country where I had not the intention of trialling realistically. I'll have to work out what to say with my local shops with the aid of my poster when the time comes.

I have also discovered that an ISBN number is required. One can't just sit in the corner and happily plug away, taking money and giving change. Everything is not only done through the shop till but the author gets paid by Head Office. Will sign off now as short time left at the library. Will comment further.