Friday, 19 February 2010

Booklet creation

Been a bit absent from this record as have been trying to push through production of a 36 page booklet in anticipation of making a 5 day visit to the Open Mics of the Bristol/Bath areas beginning March.However the combination of the printing chap suddenly being away on holiday a few days ago, my not knowing what I'm doing- what he needs from me and more to the point, what is possible ; also I will now be away for the weekend including the Monday-means I am not on target.

A further complication being that the printer, who is extremely helpful way beyond the call of duty, has inadvertently created a blank booklet with too many pages(40) in and I have not got enough material prepared to fill them at the last minute like this. All in all I will put it down to the usual life thingies unexpectedly throwing things in the way.

I have been to some events and when I get back I shall catch up here.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fox and Hounds Cattistock 9th Feb every other Tuesday

A once in a lifetime event for me I'm afraid. Not everything in life runs smoothly and this was one of those times.I quickly realised that this was the Annie Freud show(yes indeed-a relative)and that the quieter I remained the smoother my life became.

It was not just the edgyness one felt when it was your poem's turn for criticism-the backhanded compliments, but that any remark you made was liable for a good slapping down. I noticed that the other two males were very wary and I could see why. One was however as it were taken under the wing as he declared to all and sundry that he liked a good drink of an evening after work(every evening)and as the theme(unbeknownst to me)had been set as 'Drinking' I could quickly see how this habit was considered to be a valuable asset.

Most of the work was couched around falling down drunk and the freedom you felt. Most of the participants declared a healthy interest in this activity and therefore the event proved a raging success. I must declare myself neutral at best when it comes to the amber nectar being able to go for months on end with no thought of it passing my lips. Shame I missed out on a valuable experience and I intend to do so again

Sunday 8th Feb at Gateway, Alder Hills,Poole

A very pleasant evening at the Gateway Church. Mary who mc'd and read from her own work as well as acting a comedy sketch with another lady, was very encouraging to poets and musicians experienced and not so.

Due to the new nature of this event I was able to read from one of my longer poems and enjoyed the practice.There was a break for coffee and biscuits(free as well as free entry)then I was able to read from my shorter poem Brown & Co about Baron Von Richthofen.

To conclude proceedings Mary gave a powerpoint account of the life of St Valentine from Ancient Roman times. This was a charming and topical way to top off a great evening.I shall most definitely go again.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Freeplay Mix at King Charles pub in Poole Thursday 4th Feb

My second involvement in this format was equally enjoyable. Again I was asked to read to musicians jamming. It was quite a coincidence as I had decided to read out my poem Rorke's Drift and it so happened that there was a gentleman from West Africa there that night who played the drums-loads of them!

Earlier in the evening(the evening lasting about three hours!)this chap had done a Masterclass on the playing of these involving many willing members of the gathering.He explained what each drum was made out of and what it was called-demonstrating one by one the different tone of each. He then coached all to produce a gradually more complicated synchronisation. What a good teacher.

Right at the start of the evening (and I had known about this through googling near to the time so that I was prepared)we were encouraged individually to come to the mic and talk about our work and what plans we had to advance or transmit it.I talked about how I had this website and blog and that a friendly printer was helping me prepare my work for an initial small booklet(perhaps one of three)and business cards to use like confetti.

Here I am gradually catching up with events on my blog. Plenty more to follow. Still to talk about an excellent Open Mic at a Church where I was able to read one of my long poems...coming up.

Tongues and Grooves at Portsmouth Sunday 31st Jan

In the end I was only able to read one short poem though I was promised two originally. This was mainly due to the function room at the Florence Arms being jam packed!Obviously a popular venue and perhaps made more so by the teasing and leg-pulling indulged in by the creator and MC of this event Maggie. All the more quirky when juxtaposed with her quite serious demeanor!Mercifully she left us newbies alone. I don't know what to expect next time though.

There were some excellent musicians and singers, truly masterful and I could understand if these were chosen over what may be always some over-indulgent poetry!