Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fox and Hounds Cattistock 9th Feb every other Tuesday

A once in a lifetime event for me I'm afraid. Not everything in life runs smoothly and this was one of those times.I quickly realised that this was the Annie Freud show(yes indeed-a relative)and that the quieter I remained the smoother my life became.

It was not just the edgyness one felt when it was your poem's turn for criticism-the backhanded compliments, but that any remark you made was liable for a good slapping down. I noticed that the other two males were very wary and I could see why. One was however as it were taken under the wing as he declared to all and sundry that he liked a good drink of an evening after work(every evening)and as the theme(unbeknownst to me)had been set as 'Drinking' I could quickly see how this habit was considered to be a valuable asset.

Most of the work was couched around falling down drunk and the freedom you felt. Most of the participants declared a healthy interest in this activity and therefore the event proved a raging success. I must declare myself neutral at best when it comes to the amber nectar being able to go for months on end with no thought of it passing my lips. Shame I missed out on a valuable experience and I intend to do so again

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