Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Freeplay Mix at King Charles pub in Poole Thursday 4th Feb

My second involvement in this format was equally enjoyable. Again I was asked to read to musicians jamming. It was quite a coincidence as I had decided to read out my poem Rorke's Drift and it so happened that there was a gentleman from West Africa there that night who played the drums-loads of them!

Earlier in the evening(the evening lasting about three hours!)this chap had done a Masterclass on the playing of these involving many willing members of the gathering.He explained what each drum was made out of and what it was called-demonstrating one by one the different tone of each. He then coached all to produce a gradually more complicated synchronisation. What a good teacher.

Right at the start of the evening (and I had known about this through googling near to the time so that I was prepared)we were encouraged individually to come to the mic and talk about our work and what plans we had to advance or transmit it.I talked about how I had this website and blog and that a friendly printer was helping me prepare my work for an initial small booklet(perhaps one of three)and business cards to use like confetti.

Here I am gradually catching up with events on my blog. Plenty more to follow. Still to talk about an excellent Open Mic at a Church where I was able to read one of my long poems...coming up.

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