Friday, 19 February 2010

Booklet creation

Been a bit absent from this record as have been trying to push through production of a 36 page booklet in anticipation of making a 5 day visit to the Open Mics of the Bristol/Bath areas beginning March.However the combination of the printing chap suddenly being away on holiday a few days ago, my not knowing what I'm doing- what he needs from me and more to the point, what is possible ; also I will now be away for the weekend including the Monday-means I am not on target.

A further complication being that the printer, who is extremely helpful way beyond the call of duty, has inadvertently created a blank booklet with too many pages(40) in and I have not got enough material prepared to fill them at the last minute like this. All in all I will put it down to the usual life thingies unexpectedly throwing things in the way.

I have been to some events and when I get back I shall catch up here.

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